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Everybody does top of the line CPU plus top of the line GPU. We thought we should take a look at a bit less expensive GPU options and do a gaming build.

Some specs and links: i9-13900KF on Amazon:
Gigabyte Z690 US:
Kingston Fury Beast 32GB:
Fury Beast 32GB RGB:
Crucial P3 Plus:
Kingston NV2 2TB:
DeepCool AK620:
EVGA Supernova 850 P5:

Is Kingston NV2 QLC or TLC?

Kingston NV2 2TB SSD most likely has QLC memory chips, based on the test results we got when we tested it. Techpowerup reported that their 1TB drive has TLC memory. Kingston also does not like to answer questions about the chips in the NV2, which is quite a bad practice if you ask me.