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Kingston NV2 2TB vs. Crucial P3 Plus 2TB Benchmarks included

Nowadays most Socket 1700 or AM5 motherboards have plenty of M.2 slots, but from time to time you might find yourself needing to add more NVMe SSDs than the available M.2 slots. Supermicro has an option which is mainly designed for servers, but works wonderfully on a desktop. The only downside is that the AOC-SLG3-2M2 adapter card needs your motherboard to support bifurcation.

We tested the Supermicro Dual NVMe PCIe Adapter with two decent 2TB SSDs – Kingston NV2 2TB and Crucial P3 Plus 2TB. We did a few different tests to cover all possible variations of usage. Besides testing the adapter, you can also see direct comparison between the two NVMe SSDs.